THE RAP LYRICIST WITH A MESSAGE, Joshua Paul a.k.a. Black Indian is a product of the District of Columbia and has emerged as an intricate and articulate part of the Freestyle Hip-hop Community. Being home grown in the Capitol of the United States of America gives him insight to the real world as well as the powers that rule our nation and the world at large. BI was educated in the DC Public School System and on the streets of Washington. The son of an entertainer and a minister, he sought to find his own niche in the world. From his genetic bank he drew the ability to entertain and inform at the same time. Grabbing the microphone at every “open mic night” he could find, BI captured a following and the ears of accomplished artist throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. One night, a member of the Freestyle Union heard him and introduced him to a well-known jazz artist by the name of Steve Coleman. Mr. Coleman’s popularity in the European jazz community gave way to introducing an amateur Black Indian to a European tour experience. This was the start of his professional career. Serving as the third person of the Freestyle Hip-hop group “Opus Akobem” , he has toured France, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Germany on five separate occasions. A popular French magazine reviewed Mr. Coleman and the group’s performance and gave them kudos but was most impressed with the young American urban teen who captivated audiences everywhere they went. Opus has recorded two projects for the record label BMG at their Paris, France based studio. As well, he has lectured during the summer term 1996 at Stanford University in California on Urban Music. During the summer of 2005, he was privileged to perform in Tokyo, Japan. In 1999, Black Indian was signed to MCA as a solo performer and recorded his first album “Get ‘Em Psyched” with 17 well documented renderings. His CD and two of his videos, “Get ‘Em Psyched” and “Hold ‘Em Down”, have received playing time on U.S. radio stations and music video channels. As well, Indian has written and starred in commercials for BET. He is the founder and president of BI Music, Inc. His project entitled “The Future” and his newest project “Joshua Paul aka Black Indian: Proverbs 1-31” are being sold, independently by BI Music, on line through www.cdbaby.com. In spite of his world travels, his home turf remains close to his heart. He lectures to youth groups of Washington, DC at schools, churches and youth centers as requested. He is currently serving as a Trustee and a Minister-in-Training at his home church, LightWork Ministries, Inc. of Washington, D.C. He is married to the former Ms. Monica L. Braxton. They reside in a suburban area of the District of Columbia with their Yorkshire “Allie Katz”. His message is concise and well rounded, always informative, even prophetic, with a jazz-fusion, R&B, sacred music emphasis.